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Monday, August 31, 2015

Here are your #AltusOK records for September from @OKmesonet

Shown as September 2015
Periods of Record
# - large gaps in record
* - Record since tied
Highlight = Sep record
All Temps in deg F
All Precip in inches
Sig Prcp Freq = Pct of
days with >= 0.1" precip
1T Avgs: 92/67
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T108 (1951)
Low T51 (1915)
Precip1.93 (1932)
2T Avgs: 93/67
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T107 (1947)
Low T53* (1915)
Precip0.68 (1989)
3T Avgs: 92/66
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T109 (2000)
Low T48 (1974)
Precip1.95 (1959)
4T Avgs: 91/66
Sig Prcp Freq: 20%
High T108* (1947)
Low T50 (1974)
Precip2.69 (1996)
5T Avgs: 91/65
Sig Prcp Freq: 14%
High T108 (1998)
Low T50 (1974)
Precip5.85 (1971)
6T Avgs: 92/66
Sig Prcp Freq: 11%
High T104* (1963)
Low T53 (1974)
Precip0.92 (1973)
7T Avgs: 92/66
Sig Prcp Freq: 10%
High T105* (1936)
Low T50 (1943)
Precip2.46 (1942)
8T Avgs: 91/65
Sig Prcp Freq: 10%
High T104 (1930)
Low T51 (2004)
Precip2.15 (1949)
9T Avgs: 91/64
Sig Prcp Freq: 11%
High T103 (1936)
Low T48 (2004)
Precip1.20 (1941)
10T Avgs: 90/64
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T104* (1963)
Low T47 (1962)
Precip1.24 (2007)
11T Avgs: 89/63
Sig Prcp Freq: 14%
High T106 (2000)
Low T50 (1976)
Precip1.20 (1969)
12T Avgs: 89/64
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T108 (1930)
Low T49 (1940)
Precip3.55 (1933)
13T Avgs: 89/63
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T105 (1930)
Low T48* (1975)
Precip3.50 (1989)
14T Avgs: 88/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 21%
High T104* (1918)
Low T46* (1945)
Precip3.60 (1925)
15T Avgs: 87/63
Sig Prcp Freq: 13%
High T104 (1943)
Low T41 (1993)
Precip1.51 (2005)
16T Avgs: 87/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 23%
High T104 (1956)
Low T45 (1993)
Precip2.43 (1964)
17T Avgs: 88/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T102 (1997)
Low T41 (1981)
Precip1.14 (1976)
18T Avgs: 88/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T103 (1952)
Low T40 (1981)
Precip1.96 (1971)
19T Avgs: 87/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 16%
High T102* (1930)
Low T47 (2003)
Precip4.38 (1965)
20T Avgs: 87/61
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T103 (1953)
Low T44* (1918)
Precip2.15 (1965)
21T Avgs: 86/60
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T102* (1977)
Low T35 (1983)
Precip1.79 (1974)
22T Avgs: 86/59
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T101 (1977)
Low T40 (1983)
Precip1.92 (1969)
23T Avgs: 85/59
Sig Prcp Freq: 14%
High T100 (1926)
Low T40 (1994)
Precip5.26 (1997)
24T Avgs: 84/58
Sig Prcp Freq: 13%
High T100* (1930)
Low T35 (1989)
Precip1.97 (1916)
25T Avgs: 83/58
Sig Prcp Freq: 19%
High T99* (1998)
Low T40* (1975)
Precip2.77 (1974)
26T Avgs: 84/56
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T106 (1953)
Low T38 (2000)
Precip3.71 (1936)
27T Avgs: 84/55
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T104 (1953)
Low T38 (1942)
Precip1.96 (1973)
28T Avgs: 84/56
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T105 (1953)
Low T38 (1967)
Precip0.70 (1926)
29T Avgs: 83/55
Sig Prcp Freq: 11%
High T100* (1928)
Low T40 (1916)
Precip3.00 (1986)
30T Avgs: 83/54
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T105 (1977)
Low T28 (1984)
Precip1.22 (1941)
Sep. Averages
High Temp88 F
Low Temp62 F
Avg Temp75 F

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is your community #OKready #AltusOK

Organizing Community Preparedness Activities

We all have a role in preparing our communities for disasters, and organizing a community preparedness activity is one way to get started. TheReady Campaign identifies five steps along with valuable resources for making your community safer, more resilient, and better prepared: 
  • Identify Local Partners. Look for programs that are already doing good work such as Citizen Corps Councils and Community Emergency Response Teams;
  • Build a Team. Citizen Corps Council meetings are a valuable tactic for recruiting volunteers;
  • Set Goals. Clear goals helps increase accountability;
  • Serve Your Community. Find out what your community is doing to prepare for emergencies; and
  • Celebrate Success. Thank your volunteers after every event, and encourage them to sign up for the next activity. 
Find out more information about each of these steps and start planning! When you complete your preparedness activity, be sure to add it to the America’s PrepareAthon! website so members of your team can be counted as participants in this national grassroots campaign for action to get people better prepared for emergencies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wildfire Evacuation #AltusOK #OKfire #prepareathon

Wildfires have recently struck parts of the U.S. forcing many residents to leave their homes. These fires can occur at any time throughout the year, but the potential is always higher during periods of little to no rainfall, which make grass and trees burn more easily.
When a wildfire threatens your area, the best action to protect yourself and your family is to evacuate early to avoid being trapped. The America’s PrepareAthon! How to Prepare for a Wildfire guide offers valuable information to protect your family during a wildfire.  On page five of the guide, you’ll find tips to help you prepare for an evacuation, including:
  • Know your community’s evacuation plan and identify several escape routes in case roads are blocked;
  • Keep your car fueled and in good condition. Keep emergency supplies and a change of clothes in your car; and
  • Make arrangements now if you will need to share transportation or use public transportation.
If you drive during an evacuation and there is smoke, drive carefully because visibility may be reduced. Also, keep your headlights on and watch for other vehicles and fleeing wildlife.
Take disaster preparedness to the next level. Download the new Wildfire Safety Toolkit from the Ready campaign and America’s PrepareAthon! to share wildfire safety tips with family and friends today!

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