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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flu Prevention and Vaccination

Getting an annual flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. It's recommended for most individuals, ages six months and older.

Get answers to common questions about the flu vaccine, including locations where you can get it.

Here are some other ways to avoid getting the flu and passing it to others:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Practice good health habits (get adequate sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of fluids).
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • If you have the flu, stay at home for at least 24 hours after your fever has returned to normal without the use of fever-reducing medications. 

Learn more about the flu, including symptoms, types of vaccines, and high-risk indviduals

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Altus Lightning Storm reports

Altus Public School instructor Randall Coffman sent these photos of the storm west of Altus Tuesday night.

This is why folks are encouraged to come inside during severe weather warnings.

The National Weather Service Local Storm Report contained the following information:

0918 PM     TSTM WND GST     1 W ALTUS               34.64N 99.35W
09/25/2012  M68.00 MPH       Jackson            OK   EMERGENCY MNGR

0923 PM     TSTM WND GST     ALTUS AIR FORCE BASE    34.66N 99.29W
09/25/2012  M80.00 MPH       Jackson            OK   ASOS

0926 PM     TSTM WND GST     ALTUS AIR FORCE BASE    34.66N 99.29W
09/25/2012  M66.00 MPH       Jackson            OK   ASOS

0926 PM     HAIL             ALTUS                   34.64N 99.33W
09/25/2012  E1.00 INCH       Jackson            OK   AMATEUR RADIO

Thanks to the Altus Skywarn Association and reports from individuals on Twitter and Facebook during this storm.

Did you have any damage?  Add your report in the comments below.  Tweet pictures with the #AltusOK hashtag.

Be Safe.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weather Service Webinar offered #AltusOK

This webinar will be held at the Southwest Technology Center, 711 W Tamarack, Altus, OK  

The registration page is at  http://altusskywarn.eventbrite.com/ ... seating is limited to 40 and Law Enforcement will get first priority since they need the CLEET hours that come with this event.  Otherwise, it's open to the public.

If you wish to view the information on your own computer, please register below.

Either way, the training is free.

Storm Spotter Training - NWS Norman
Join us for a Webinar on October 2
Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
NWS Norman will be conducting a special fall edition of our storm spotter training class via webinar on Tuesday October 2nd beginning at 630 pm. Although anyone can participate, the training is geared toward storm spotters in the NWS Norman county warning area, including central and western Oklahoma and western north Texas. The training will last about 2 hours.
Title:Storm Spotter Training - NWS Norman
Date:Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Time:6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CDT
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are you #OKready in #AltusOK

September is National Preparedness Month and the Federal Emergency Management Agency invites you to pledge to prepare now by joining the National Preparedness Coalition.

The National Preparedness Coalition Online Community is where we connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Use it to empower yourself to prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom you may study or worship.
Here are the top 5 reasons to join:
  • Get access to useful information to help you prepare.
  • Promote your national preparedness event on the calendar.
  • Get support and share best practices with over 10,000 members.
  • Connect with FEMA personnel and others near you in the regional forums.
  • Help others prepare and increase our resilience.

Friday, September 7, 2012

National Preparedness Activity

Area residents attended the annual National Preparedness effort at the Southwest Technology Center to hear  area experts talk about personal preparedness, sponsored in part by the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Rosalyn Hall with the American Red Cross demonstrated a personal disaster kit.

Just a few of those attending the workshop 

LT Joseph Price spoke to the group about the work the Salvation Army does during disasters.

Did you miss it?  Catch up on Twitter.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

ALTUS: September Climate Calendar

Shown as September 2012
Periods of Record
# - large gaps in record
* - Record since tied
Highlight = Sep record
All Temps in deg F
All Precip in inches
Sig Prcp Freq = Pct of
days with >= 0.1" precip
Sep. Averages
High Temp88 F
Low Temp62 F
Avg Temp75 F
1T Avgs: 93/67
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T108 (1951)
Low T51 (1915)
Precip1.93 (1932)
2T Avgs: 93/67
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T107 (1947)
Low T53* (1915)
Precip0.68 (1989)
3T Avgs: 93/66
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T106* (1947)
Low T48 (1974)
Precip1.95 (1959)
4T Avgs: 91/66
Sig Prcp Freq:20%
High T109 (2000)
Low T50 (1974)
Precip2.69 (1996)
5T Avgs: 91/65
Sig Prcp Freq:14%
High T108 (1998)
Low T50 (1974)
Precip5.85 (1971)
6T Avgs: 92/66
Sig Prcp Freq:11%
High T105 (2000)
Low T53 (1974)
Precip0.92 (1973)
7T Avgs: 92/66
Sig Prcp Freq:10%
High T105* (1936)
Low T50 (1943)
Precip2.46 (1942)
8T Avgs: 91/65
Sig Prcp Freq: 10%
High T104 (1930)
Low T51 (2004)
Precip2.15 (1949)
9T Avgs: 91/64
Sig Prcp Freq: 11%
High T103 (1936)
Low T48 (2004)
Precip1.20 (1941)
10T Avgs: 89/64
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T104* (1963)
Low T47 (1962)
Precip1.24 (2007)
11T Avgs: 89/63
Sig Prcp Freq:14%
High T104* (1963)
Low T50 (1976)
Precip1.20 (1969)
12T Avgs: 89/64
Sig Prcp Freq:15%
High T108 (1930)
Low T49 (1940)
Precip3.55 (1933)
13T Avgs: 88/63
Sig Prcp Freq:15%
High T105 (1930)
Low T48* (1975)
Precip3.50 (1989)
14T Avgs: 88/62
Sig Prcp Freq:21%
High T104* (1918)
Low T46* (1945)
Precip3.60 (1925)
15T Avgs: 88/63
Sig Prcp Freq: 12%
High T104 (1943)
Low T41 (1993)
Precip1.51 (2005)
16T Avgs: 87/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 22%
High T104 (1956)
Low T45 (1993)
Precip2.43 (1964)
17T Avgs: 87/62
Sig Prcp Freq: 15%
High T100* (1972)
Low T41 (1981)
Precip1.14 (1976)
18T Avgs: 88/62
Sig Prcp Freq:14%
High T103 (1952)
Low T40 (1981)
Precip1.96 (1971)
19T Avgs: 87/62
Sig Prcp Freq:16%
High T102* (1930)
Low T47 (2003)
Precip4.38 (1965)
20T Avgs: 87/61
Sig Prcp Freq:12%
High T103 (1953)
Low T44* (1918)
Precip2.15 (1965)
21T Avgs: 86/60
Sig Prcp Freq:15%
High T102* (1977)
Low T35 (1983)
Precip1.79 (1974)
22T Avgs: 86/59
Sig Prcp Freq: 10%
High T101 (1977)
Low T40 (1983)
Precip1.92 (1969)
23T Avgs: 86/59
Sig Prcp Freq: 14%
High T100 (1926)
Low T40 (1994)
Precip5.26 (1997)
24T Avgs: 84/58
Sig Prcp Freq: 13%
High T100* (1930)
Low T35 (1989)
Precip1.97 (1916)
25T Avgs: 83/58
Sig Prcp Freq:19%
High T99 (1998)
Low T40* (1975)
Precip2.77 (1974)
26T Avgs: 84/56
Sig Prcp Freq:15%
High T106 (1953)
Low T38 (2000)
Precip3.71 (1936)
27T Avgs: 84/55
Sig Prcp Freq:10%
High T104 (1953)
Low T38 (1942)
Precip1.96 (1973)
28T Avgs: 84/56
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T105 (1953)
Low T38 (1967)
Precip0.70 (1926)
29T Avgs: 83/55
Sig Prcp Freq: 11%
High T100* (1928)
Low T40 (1916)
Precip3.00 (1986)
30T Avgs: 83/54
Sig Prcp Freq: 9%
High T105 (1977)
Low T28 (1984)
Precip1.22 (1941)

Fire Service Training offered

Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting for the Structural Company Officer
Objective: Provide a basic understanding of company operations in the Wildland /Urban Interface (W/UI) environment in which the company officer and crew may be assigned.
Description: This 2-day course identifies operational activities and safety concerns for structural Company Officers assigned to a wildland urban interface incident. Topics covered include introduction to wildland urban interface firefighting, interface environment, wildland fire behavior, command and control issues of wildland urban interface firefighting, and tactics. This course is intended for any volunteer or career fire fighter or company officer who may supervise the operation of a brush truck or other company during a wildland fire.
These classes will fill quickly! If you plan on attending register early. All classes are from 8 am to 5 pm both days.
September 15 & 16
Lawton/Great Plains Technology Center
October 13 & 14
Central Technology Center – Drumright
October 20 & 21
Kiamichi Technology Center – Durant
October 27 & 28
High Plains Technology Center – Woodward
January 19 & 20
Broken Bow F.D. Training Center
To register call OSU/FST @ 1-800-304-5727 or 1-405-744-5727 or go to the FST website, www.osufst.org.
This course is NO cost for all participants.
Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the class date.