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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What are the Fire Conditions?

Please be aware of Fire Weather conditions.

Relative Humidity from Oklahoma MesoNet

Saturday, October 1, 2011

To WAR with STP

Last month was National Preparedness Month.

The question this month is are YOU more prepared this month than last?

It's been said, "Preparedness is a lifestyle".  It's a mindset.  The generations before us were more likely to be prepared AND they were more likely to help one another.  The Amish barn raising is an example.  When an Amish family has a disaster, ex. house fire, the COMMUNITY comes together to help the family.

Take aways for National Preparedness Month continue to be:

1.  Make a plan.  Get with your local emergency manager or American Red Cross to identify hazards one faces locally.  Any member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee would be able to help as well.

2.  Build a kit that supports the plan.  Don't forget communication.  Don't forget pets, including large animals.  Don't forget medicine.

3.  Practice the plan.  How will you know it will work?  Does Johnny know where to go after a house fire when you are not home?  What if you can't evacuate to Detroit, as your plan suggests?

4.  BE involved!  The subject "WAR with STP" has been a topic for many months.  When ALL Respond (WAR), it's with STP ... Same Ten People.  Do you know your Neighbors and are you in a Neighborhood Watch Program?  Are they ready for the next ice storm, tornado, flood, earthquake?  Are you aware that the American Red Cross and Salvation Army have local opportunities to serve?  Are you a member of your Local Emergency Planning Committee? Can you help change the STP?

Last month was National Preparedness Month.  However, preparedness is a daily action.