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Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Tornado Deaths

With 2011 gone and 2012 before us, please take some time to review what happened across the USA this year in tornado deaths.

Can we say that Oklahoma faired better than the rest of the States with only 14 tornado deaths?  Texas and New Mexico recorded NO tornado deaths.

2011 closed out the books as the second deadliest year on record.  How will 2012 fair?

It will fair much better if residents will take the time now to plan.  How will you get a tornado warning?  Weather radio still remains a good option.  Cell phone and pager alerts are becoming more popular.

Residents will fair better if they have a plan.  Where will you go for severe weather?  Does your school have a plan?  What about your day care home or center?  Does your work have a plan?

Residents will fair better if they have a kit to support the plan.  How will you communicate with your loved ones that you are safe?  If you have to evacuate, where will you go?  Do you have your numbers for your insurance company?

Please plan now what you will do before tornado season 2012 starts.  WHAT?  There's not a month that there has not had a tornado in Altus?  Plan now then.

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