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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is this "Oklahoma Standard"?

What is it?  How does it apply to Altus, Jackson County, and the rest of the State? Much has been written and said about something called the "Oklahoma Standard".

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum – Official Website: "The Oklahoma Standard has been defined as a new level of caring.  It was first publicly noted when some members of the media observed that citizens in Oklahoma ran toward the Murrah Building immediately after the bombing rather than away from the building.  When a need for blood was broadcast, it had to be followed by an advisory to stay home, because more people lined up than were needed.  When an announcement was made that work boots were needed at the site, workers pulled up and took off their boots and left them.  First responders from out of town found that they could not go to a restaurant and pay for their own meals.  Either the restaurant owner would refuse their money or another diner had already covered the ticket.  The legend of the “Oklahoma Dollar” is based upon a first responder commenting that he was leaving Oklahoma with the same dollar he had when he arrived because, during his entire stay in Oklahoma, he had been unable to spend that dollar."

The Oklahoma Standard still lives in the concept that Oklahoma has the reputation for being the Most Neighborly State in the Nation.  "Can I borrow a cup of sugar" has, in times past, been met with come over for a meal.

It's Neighbor helping Neighbor wrapped up around a phrase.

It's Community Emergency Response Team and Neighborhood Watch programs that function.

It's the local emergency management program that does all-hazards planning with the Local Emergency Planning Committee, recovery which includes the WHOLE community including the faith-based groups, response capabilities enhanced by encouraging training, and mitigation projects that support resiliency by the area residents.

The Oklahoma Standard still lives in Oklahoma.  After all, the reputation was started 19 April 1995 in Oklahoma City.  What are you doing to live up to it?

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