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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CAMEO Chemicals 2.4 is now available: #OKfire #OKhazmat #OKready

Visit the CAMEO Chemicals website version at http://www.cameochemicals.noaa.gov
Visit the CAMEO Chemicals mobile site version at http://m.cameochemicals.noaa.gov
Download the CAMEO Chemicals 2.4 desktop version at http://www.response.restoration.noaa.gov/cameochemicals
Note: If you're using the desktop version of CAMEO Chemicals 2.1 or later, you can use the automatic update feature to get the latest version. The next time* you start your desktop CAMEO Chemicals, it will notice that there is a new version available and give you the chance to auto update. If you say yes, the program will download and install the new version for you automatically. (If you have trouble with the automatic update feature, uninstall CAMEO Chemicals and then manually download and use the CAMEO Chemicals 2.4 installer from the link provided above.)

* The auto-updater checks once a day for updates. If you've already been using your CAMEO Chemicals program today, it may not alert you about the update until tomorrow. You can use the "Check for updates" item in the Help menu to check for updates immediately.

What's changed in CAMEO Chemicals 2.4?

Updated data from several sources: AEGLs, DOT Hazard Labels, DuPont, EPA List of Lists, NFPA, and the Hazardous Materials Table (49 CFR 172.101). 

Updated reactivity data to match the Chemical Reactivity Worksheet (CRW) v. 3.0 release:

Increased reactive groups from 47 to 64, which also involved updating the reactive group assignments on all chemical records. 
Added three new reactivity alert types: pyrophoric, known catalytic activity, and decomposes at elevated temperatures. 
Updated other reactivity data fields: Air & Water Reactions and Reactivity Profile. 
Added a new field on Potentially Incompatible Absorbents to the Hazards section of the chemical datasheets. Note that these incompatibilities are based on reactive group assignments. 

Revised the Compatibility Chart and reactivity predictions to match the CRW release: 

Updated pair-wise reactivity predictions, based on new reactive groups.

Revised hazard statements. 
Added new Incompatible (red), Caution (yellow), and Compatible (green) headings and color-coded icons to chart. 

Made minor changes and bug fixes. 

The CAMEO Team at EPA and NOAA

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