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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Warning method

WeatherCall offers a telephone call when severe weather strikes the area.  Notifications are limited to severe weather products only but will come to your email, text, and phone.

Below, one can read the Google Voice transcription of the warning.  For the hearing impaired, getting the service on Google Voice might be another way to get warnings.

The firm has a YouTube Video.

There is no relationship from Altus Emergency Management to this firm.  However, a few of the members have evaluated the service.

+18664799906 (866) 479-9906
4/30/12 11:11 PM
A severe thunderstorm warning for your immediate area, severe thunderstorms can produce damaging winds dangerous lightning large hail and very happy rain, which can cause localized flooding. If you must drive your car during the storm did not attempt to cross a roadway covered with water.  Repeating you are in the specific area of a severe thunderstorm warning.  Turn on local media, for more detailed information. If you would like to hear this message again, please press one otherwise hang up. If you would like to hear this message again. Please press one otherwise hang up.

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Google Voice Don't have a Google Voice account? Find out more on www.google.com/voice.

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