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Monday, October 13, 2014

Storm Damage in #AltusOK

Emergency Management volunteers surveyed storm damage in Altus from the 12 October storm that produced measured 76-mile-per-hour winds in Altus and 75-MPH winds on the Air Force Base.

Of most importance, there was damage to a local motel and a home damaged in the Elmer area.  

Three vehicles had tree damage caused by dead trees falling on them.  While likely a casualty of the lingering drought in southwest Oklahoma, this kind of damage could be mitigated if home owners would cut down the trees before the wind falls on them.

Speaking of the drought, the image at left shows our recent rainfall.  It's welcome but not enough to get out out of the drought.

One of three vehicles damaged by falling trees
Damage to a motel roof in Altus.

The second vehicle with tree damage

The final tree-damaged vehicle.

City Employees worked clearing debris

Damage to the roof of the former lumber yard

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