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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last Call: Citizen Corps and CERT Information Deadline #AltusOK #OKready

The deadline for Citizen Corps Councils and CERT Programs to update their information is this week! We ask that all local programs log in to the registration system and make their updates by 11:59 PM ET on Friday, December 12. Citizen Corps and CERT data collected by this deadline will be included in the 2015 National Preparedness Report.
Updating your online profiles provides us with information that we can use to justify continued Federal support for the Citizen Corps and CERT programs, including:
  • The website and all of its free downloadable resources and an online searchable directory of programs;
  • Free printed materials for registered programs through the FEMA Warehouse;
  • Technical assistance and support through the Citizen Corps and CERT inboxes;
  • Recognition programs like the Individual and Community Preparedness Awards;
  • Outreach and education efforts, including regular e-briefs and webinars; and
  • The development of new content and updates to existing content, including the CERT curriculum and supporting materials.
While we encourage you to update any new information in your online profiles, we are particularly interested in updates to the following for 2014 (Please note that not all of these are applicable for both CERT and Citizen Corps):
  • Numbers of individuals trained;
  • Number of trainings conducted;
  • Number of volunteers and volunteer hours;
  • Council membership;
  • Number of exercises; and
  • Funding sources.
We hope that you will take the time to update your profiles, so that all of the great work you have done will be accounted for in the National Preparedness Report and elsewhere! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at citizencorps@fema.dhs.gov or atcert@fema.dhs.gov. Thank you!

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