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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The FEMA App Can Help You Stay Safe #AltusOK #OKready

FEMA app
The FEMA app can help Americans through emergencies. The app provides a customizable checklist of emergency supplies, maps of open shelters and Disaster Recovery Centers, and tips on how to survive natural and manmade disasters.

The app also will enable users to receive weather alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five locations across the nation. This feature allows users to receive alerts on severe weather happening anywhere they select in the country, even if the phone is not located in the area, making it easy to follow severe weather that may be threatening family and friends.

The FEMA app also offers a “Disaster Reporter” feature, where users can upload and share photos of disaster damage.

The latest version of the FEMA app is available for free in the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. Download the app today!

Users who already have the app downloaded on their smartphones should download the latest update for the new alerts feature to take effect. Information on the app is available in English and Spanish.

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