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Saturday, August 6, 2016

It takes a WHOLE community #AltusOK #OKready #OKstrong

It takes a whole community ... as Craig Fugate says ... to get through something like an ice storm, Hurricane Katrina, a Moore tornado, etc.

The Whole Community came together for the Back to School Bash Saturday.  The first ever produced better than expected results.  Government and private sector folks were on hand to help students and their families start the year off prepared.

Erik Mowbray and Sophie Stoekl, Altus EM volunteers
manned the Local Emergency Planning Committee booth.

Phillip Beauchamp, Local Emergency Planning Committee Chair, Sophie Stoekl, LEPC Secretary, and Erik Mowbray, Altus EM Operations Section Chief joined Altus Fire Rescue, Altus Police, Jackson County Emergency Medical Services, and a host of others including the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, the Mormons, Baptists and Assemblies of God to bring safety information to those assembled.  There was even opportunities to talk about amateur radio to some educators.

Ben Walters helped folks learn about disaster preparedness

Your faith community is an important part of the Whole Community response.


School starts August 9.  Watch your speed in school zones.  These officers will be.

Many vendors reported running out of items to give away.  

The Whole Community needs volunteers.  What will you do to help?

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