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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Seven Years ago today #OKready

Emergency Management and Skywarn volunteer, Mart, W5KRG reported "1.2-inch ice 2.25 miles east on CR 156 off HWY 283" seven  years ago today in #AltusOK.

On Twitter, this tweet was one of a number on the first day:

The next day, @AltusReady tweeted:

RT : and Brewers in now open on generator power  to show what "Open for Business" looks like.

The National Weather Service Office in Norman remembers:

Amateur radio operators in the area were impacted, along with the public safety partners, with broken antennas, repeaters with no power, failing backup power systems, etc.

Media preview
On January 30, seven years ago, the +Federal Emergency Management Agency had received a signature from the +POTUS ㅤ and FEMA Region Six was continuing support for the City and County.

In the mean time, the +American Red Cross shelter remained open for warming, feeding, and sleeping as needed.  Thanks to the +The Salvation Army USA for cooking the food for folks.

On January 31, progress was shown with this tweet.

Also, this week, seven years ago, a faith-based group from New Mexico brought a generator to the area.  The Warren Community benefited from that device.  Churches such as +First Baptist Church and +First Methodist Church joined other faith groups in sheltering and feedig their flocks while  +Friendship Inn joined the  feeding effort.  The generator at the Emergency Operations Center failed.  FEMA provided the device and the +National Guard provided the transportation for it.

The City has learned a lot since then.  The utilities have been repaired and improved.  Communications systems were repaired and continue to be improved. 

What are you doing to be a part of the whole community that recovers from the next one?

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