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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Communication, in a disaster, is the first thing to fail.

Phone lines are overloaded.  Radio channels are jammed.  Cell phone towers run out of juice.

However, there's one group that seems to be what FEMA Adminisatrator Craig Fugate calls "the last line of defense".  That's the amateur radio operator.

Hams have had a long history of disaster help.

From the Muskogee Amateur Radio Club helping at the fifth deadliest tornado in Oklahoma history to the local Skywarn program providing annual severe weather training to the local club practicing the annual Field Day event with the American Radio Relay League, ham radio continues to be THE way an area resident can communicate with one another.

Won't you take time this year to find a local club?  Classes are offered periodically.

This National Preparedness Month tip asks "will you bet your life on the communications you have right now?"

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