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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are you #OKready for Earthquake?

Community preparedness, for earthquakes or other disasters, begins with individuals like you.  Please take proactive steps and take charge of your own situation now.  The actions you take today may save your life or reduce your losses tomorrow.

If you would like to view the presentations from a recent webinar, they can be downloaded from our website via the following link:http://www.cusec.org/documents/events/2013.05.30_EQ_Webinar.pdf

For more information on the topics discussed today, please visit the following links:

Topic                                                                     URL
Drop, Cover, & Hold On                                 www.dropcoverholdon.org
Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety           www.earthquakecountry.info/roots/seven_steps.html
Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill              www.shakeout.org

IBHS Earthquake Resources                        www.disastersafety.org/earthquake
IBHS Open For Business & OFB-EZ            www.disastersafety.org/open-for-business

Insurance Information Institute                www.iii.org
III Earthquake Insurance Issues                 www.iii.org/issue_updates/eathquakes-risk-and-insuance-issues.html

FEMA Earthquake Resources                      www.fema.gov/earthquake
FEMA Earthquake Publications                  www.fema.gov/earthquake-publications
FEMA QuakeSmart for Businesses           www.fema.gov/quakesmart
FEMA Building Codes                                     www.fema.gov/earthquake/building-codes   
If you have any feedback to help us improve future offerings, please email your comments to cusec@cusec.org.   Thank you again for participating in today’s webinar and we look forward to your continued involvement in disaster preparedness.  Sincerely,

Central U.S Earthquake Consortium
(901) 544-3570

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