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Monday, June 8, 2015

Elmer tornado on Radar #Skywarn

May 16 was an exciting day for storm chasers in Southwest Oklahoma!

The radar screen shots from the National Weather Center's Dr. Daphne LaDue show what National Weather Service forecasters see in Norman.

The top image shows the velocity of the red winds rushing away from the radar while the greens and blues show wind rushing toward the radar.  The bottom image is the classic selectivity showing the class hook echo.

There are radar limitations.  As close as the radar is to that storm, radar does not reach the ground.  At Altus, the height is over 1000 feet.  Thus, the Olustee tornado, while radar indicated, did not have a tornado at the ground, according to Skywarn reports from Olustee and Duke spotters.

Radar is a good tool for weather, but it's not the only tool for weather.

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