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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Keep Safe During Severe Winter Weather

A severe winter storm is expected in some states, stretching from Arkansas to Massachusetts according to the National Weather Service.  

Due to the potential severe winter weather, there is also an increased likelihood of power outages. Consider these tips to keep your entire household safe and warm

  • Stay off the roads during severe weather conditions;
  • Have enough water and non-perishable foods for at least 72 hours;
  • Have emergency supplies and refill your prescriptions; 
  • Wear layered clothing and use blankets or sleep bags to stay warm; and
  • Avoid using generators, outdoor heating or cooking equipment, such as a grill, camp stove, or gasoline propane heater indoors.

  • Drive slowly and keep clear of snow plows;
  • Wear layers of clothes to keep warm;
  • Charge your cell phone and minimize usage; and 
  • Try to keep a full tank of gas to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

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